Perfect product “for your hanbag”, bottle IBIZA-50

Meet the queen of mini cosmetic bottles. The IBIZA-50 bottle is a response to the needs of the cosmetics industry, which is developing extremely dynamically. More and more new products, textures, product designation and methods of application require packaging manufacturers to take a new look at cosmetic products. Also consumers are demanding that cosmetic brands understand their needs. A good cosmetic today is not only a high-quality formula, effective action or sophisticated fragrance, it is also packaging. A customer reaches for a cosmetic on a store shelf and, taking the package in his hand, feels its texture and shape, opens it to try the product. Packaging is one of the components of the impression that a cosmetic brand builds in the customer’s mind.

Lightweight and handy

Consumers are increasingly using cosmetics as they go about their day, sometimes using a few seconds to apply their favorite product. The design assumption was to develop a lightweight, ergonomic and handy bottle. Thanks to the efforts of the design department, a bottle with a capacity of 50 ml and a weight of just 7 g was created, fitting easily in a small woman’s hand and even a small handbag. 

Tonic, gel or mist? You choose!

Another advantage of IBIZA-50 is its versatility in terms of cosmetic product consistency. The standard thread 20/410 allows the use of various closures and dispensers, depending on the purpose of the product. In our offer, the bottle can be matched with three types of closures: the classic SUN 20 flip-top closure , as well as two types of dispensers that allow precise dosage of the product, whether it is a thick gel or a facial mist.

HDPE? Why such a material?

The abbreviation HDPE is High Density Polyethylene. The most important advantage of HDPE from the point of view of the cosmetics industry is that it is non-toxic and odorless, and therefore works well with various types of cosmetic products.

The IBIZA-50 bottle is ideal solution for cosmetic products of various consistencies that require compact, small and handy packaging.

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