Rosinski Packaging – producer of plastic bottles, caps and packaging products

Rosinski Packaging – producer of plastic bottles, caps and packaging products

Rosinski Packaging is an experienced producer of plastic bottles, caps and a variety of plastic packaging products. The history of the company reaches back to 1981, when production of plastic bottles and packaging products began, but Rosinski Packaging in its current formula operates since 1984. The company is headquartered in Bielsko Biała in southern Poland, while the second plastic packaging production facility is located in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki and operates since 2015

Specialized machine park for production of plastic packaging products

The continuing development of plastic packaging production capabilities over the years has been accompanied by progressive growth of the machine park and increasing employment. For several years, the plant equipment has been expanded by introducing and modernizing machines and systems used for production of bottles (PET, PCR,HDPE, R-HDPE), caps, plastic packaging products, canisters, cosmetics packaging and other products made of plastics. Modernization of the production equipment translated into improvements in product quality, productivity and resource efficiency, and the resulting high level of market competitiveness.

The production machinery for plastic bottles and packaging products includes high-performance blow molding and injection molding machines. With the blow molding technology, Rosinski Packaging has the capacity to produce over 155 million of plastic bottles, containers, tubes and other packaging products, from 50 ml to 5,000 ml in volume, annually. Caps, tops, spatulas and other elements are produced with injection molding machines (over 700 million elements per year).

The production capacity of Rosinski Packaging is definitely something what distinguishes our company from the competition.

Packaging production quality confirmed by quality management systems

We have implemented and maintain quality management systems: ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 (since 2005) and ISO 22000:2006 (since 2010) as an extra warranty for the high production quality of plastic bottles, caps and packaging products. BRC Global Standard for Food Safety was implemented in 2014.

The bottles and other packaging products re delivered to a regular customer base in Poland and on the international markets.

Environmental protection – production of R-HDPE (PCR) bottles and other packaging products

Over the recent years, we have witnessed the introduction of significant environmental protection measures and regulations. As a result, the current priority of Rosinski Packaging is to produce R-HDPE (PCR) bottles and other packaging products made of these materials.

Designing new plastic packaging products

As an experienced producer, Rosinski Packaging has a wide array of possibilities to expand its product portfolio. We have a modern tool shop, construction equipment and 3D modelling software to professionally design, prototype and produce new packaging products. Rosinski Packaging designers have many years’ experience in their fields of expertise, to guarantee compliance with the highest technical and qualitative requirements for prototypes and regular new products. When designing new products, we are also committed to esthetics and style.

Rosinski Packaging offers comprehensive services for new products: design, documentation and 3D models of plastic packaging products, bottles, caps, tops, small tools, etc.

Production of plastic packaging products for various industries

The plastic packaging products are delivered to customers from various market sectors:

  • Chemical industry (PET, R-HDPE, PCR packaging products; canisters for fluids, powders, gels, pastes, etc.).
  • Pharmaceutical industry (containers and other elements)
  • Food industry (plastic bottles, tubes, containers)
  • Cosmetics industry (cream, lotion, gel bottles and containers, etc.)
  • Automotive industry (containers)
  • Horticultural industry (containers)

We look forward to working with you

With the many years of experience, extensive production facilities and human resources, as well as an established customer base, we are in a place to serve as a knowledgeable partner to you – as a producer of plastic bottles, caps, canisters and packaging products.

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