Comprehensive solutions for packaging production

Comprehensive solutions Design

Innovative and convenient packaging is one of the key aspects that contributes to increased sales and brand recognition. As many as 80% of customers decide to buy a product based on the attractiveness of the packaging. Rosinski Packaging has developed a packaging design system to enable the products’ success in the market.

It combines:

  • creativity,
  • packaging functionality,
  • market research,
  • implementation costs,
  • packaging ergonomics,
  • production methods,
  • safety for both the customer and the environment,
    which are all in compliance with consumer requirements.

Additionally, the design of the packaging must be consistent with the image and visual identity of the brand. Rosinski Packaging’s designers are constantly developing their experience and skills to:
fulfil our customers’ most creative ideas,
create PET, HDPE and PP packaging in line with international market trends and consumer, food or environmental safety.


Rosinski Packaging is committed to customer satisfaction and high product quality. We are open to all the ideas and needs of our counterparties. Each newly created packaging design first undergoes rigorous testing and analysis before we 3D print its prototype. This way, our customers are able to see what the final product will look like and can test its functionality at the same time. Therefore, the risks are reduced early at the design stage and so are the costs that could arise later in the production process.

Tool shop

Rosinski Packaging has its own tool shop with full construction facilities to create new packaging designs, build blow molds and injection molds. The company specialises in the design of molds combined with comprehensive and advanced analysis along with detailed documentation.

Packaging creation stages

concept and creation
of a design.

construction documentation
and a 3D model.

packaging prototype
and/or develop its pilot molds.

production molds.

production and delivery of the finished product

Keen to set trends, our trained and experienced team works using only the latest technology. This increases the efficiency of the manufacturing process and reduces the wear and tear on the molds during use. We guarantee the long-lasting durability of our molds.

Our tool room is equipped with:

  • precision numerical machines:
  • 5-axis machining centres,
  • 4-axis turning centres,
  • EDM machines,
  • CNC grinders for shafts and bores,
  • surface grinders,
  • 6-axis deep-hole drill.


To meet our customers’ needs, we offer the option of creating individual packaging designs and closures.

Together we can:

  • prepare a packaging design,
  • visualise the container in 3D,
  • create a prototype,
  • construct pilot molds and perform tests on them or make a test batch of the new packaging,
  • build blow and injection moulds for regular mass production of packaging elements.


We implement at least 50 new packaging designs every year. To protect our intellectual property and customer concepts, we also provide trademark, industrial design and utility model registration services.

As an innovative company, we have more than a dozen patent applications and granted patents.

Production of packaging
and other elements

The heart and soul of our company is packaging production. Our strength is the comprehensiveness of our range, which provides customers with a full variety of choices – from bottles, containers and canisters manufactured using blow molding, injection molding and ISBM technologies, to various types of closures and other injection-molded components.

In Mold Labeling
and printing

Product labels have two very important functions – marketing and information. They can lure the potential customer, as well as inform them of what is the intended purpose of the product.

With IML technology, the label is placed in a mold, where it becomes an integral part of the packaging by blending into its surface. As a result, the packaging can be easily recycled and the label itself is extremely durable and resistant to damage.

IML technology guarantees a permanent bond between the label and the packaging, which makes it:

  • aesthetically appealing,
  • prevents it from fading when exposed to UV rays,
  • resistant to low temperatures, grease, or dirt,
  • prevents it from being damaged during transport or storage.

The IML process involves the precise placement of the label in an injection mold. To ensure that it is firmly fixed in the mold cavity, vacuum or static electricity is applied. Then, under pressure and at high temperature, during the nest-filling and pressing phase, the label melts into the packaging. As a result, a fully labelled piece is released from the mold at the end of the injection process.

Our offer is always tailored to the needs of our customers, which is why customers have the option of printing on packaging produced by ROSINSKI PACKAGING.

Assembly lines

In addition to manufacturing, we also provide our customers with multi-piece assembly services, which allows us to implement even the most complex and technologically advanced projects, such as multi-piece closures, vented caps or various types of seals. High-performance assembly lines enable us to handle our customers’ high-volume projects.


We also provide our customers with transport services. We have a fleet of 18 trucks that carry out OTIF (On Time In Full) deliveries of our products. We deliver to our customers both nationally and internationally.

Construction of blow molding machines

For 15 years, Rosinski Packaging has had its own blow molding machine construction department, with both standard and COEX versions for the production of multi-layer packaging with PCR. This allows us to adjust our offer and production capabilities to the client’s needs and changing market trends.


Thanks to our regranulation line, we are able to re-obtain raw material in granules (pellets) from our own production waste, which in turn can be used again for the production of new packaging. In this way, we do not generate unnecessary waste, we minimize the negative impact on the natural environment, which is one of the main principles of the circular economy.