Circular economy

One of the most important values for Rosinski Packaging is environmental protection. Therefore, we strive to design packaging in a sustainable manner to reduce and minimise waste. The best way to describe our company would be a closed-loop economy, firmly based on specific principles and good practices. They are aimed at preventing waste generation, as well as increasing the level of recovery of the raw materials.

This circular economy assumes that waste is a valuable raw material in the industrial economy. As a result, the flow of non-renewable raw materials is integrated into the manufacturing of further new products. This way, we can reduce waste to a minimum during production As early as the stage of designing the packaging, the optimum amount of raw material that is needed is planned, and the weight and shape of packaging is optimised. We make certain that the raw materials used in production are of a high quality and durability. Packaging manufactured in a closed-loop economy can be used for a long time. It is then re-used again to produce new packaging.

Therefore, Rosinski Packaging contributes to:

  • decreasing energy consumption,
  • reducing CO2 emissions,
  • preventing waste generation,
  • conserving natural resources,
  • increasing the level of recovery of raw materials from waste,
  • increasing the security of the supply of raw materials,
  • boosting innovation,
  • better quality of life.

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